SWG Manager

SWG Manager is a Java application supporting players of the popular MMORPG called Star Wars Galaxies. It helps players select the best resources for crafting, manages lot usage, structures, and vendors, and it includes a skill calculator.


You can run SWG Manager simply by clicking this link.

If clicking the above link does not start downloading SWG Manager, you probably don't have a compatible Java installation on your computer. Click the icon below to install Java:


SWG Manager version 0.6.0 released
    pervel - 2004-06-07 20:11   -   SWG Manager
This release features a skill calculator. It is a very basic calculator that only counts skill points. I don't know yet how far I will take this part of the program.
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SWG Manager version 0.5.0 released
    pervel - 2004-05-27 18:05   -   SWG Manager
This new version of SWG Manager has a couple of enhancements:

1. You can now define "Schematics Filters" on the Analyze view. Click on the "Edit filters" button to add, edit, or delete filters. Then in the Analyze view select the filter to use.
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SWG Manager version 0.4.0 released
    pervel - 2004-05-11 15:04   -   SWG Manager
This release includes a number of bug fixes and a new Analyzer feature. This feature is similar to Fooman's "What To Harvest Today". You cannot yet limit the number of schematics that this analyser searches. This will be implemented in a later release.
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SWG Manager version 0.3.0 released
    pervel - 2004-04-25 15:07   -   SWG Manager
This release actually stores data on the client and is therefore the first release that is actually usable. However, it should still be considered an alpha-release and any data entered by the user may be discarded in future upgrades. Also, the number of schematics known to the program is currently very limited.
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SWG Manager version 0.1.1 released
    pervel - 2004-04-16 17:59   -   SWG Manager
SWG Manager has been released for the first time. As the version number (0.1.1) indicates, this is a VERY early release that is neither feature rich nor bug free.

To try out SWG Manager you simply go to the project homepage http://swgman.sourceforge.net and click a link. Enjoy!
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